VR Verdict

61. Tommy Palm - Demeo

May 6, 2021

This episode is all about Demeo!

We are joined for the second time by Resolution Games CEO, Tommy Palm!

He shares tips, tricks and even a life hack for playing Demeo.

We chat about what inspired the game, how the game works as well as future plans.

Before you get to far into the episode, try to guess how many hours Tommy has logged in the game himself.


Pj Unboxes Demeo Promotional Gift from Resolution Games

VR Verdict Demeo Teaser Gameplay Trailer


VR Verdict Demeo Full Playthrough Video


VR Verdict Episode 30 - First Tommy Palm Appearance!

Tommy shares his origins, his vision, and just a tiny bit of the future as he pulls back the curtain on one of my personal favorite VR game studios.


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